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Our Approaches

Clinic Strengthening

A male health worker displays a medication bottle to a mother and her infant daughter.

Referring to national protocols, clinic staff like this man make sure children receive proper treatment for anemia and for common childhood illnesses such as acute respiratory infections and diarrheal diseases.

Hanan and its local partners offered formal training courses and on-site training and supportive supervision to 122 clinics and hospital partners. The overall goal was to increase clinic and hospital staff members' adherence to nationally approved maternal and child health service protocols. Topics addressed through training and technical support include antenatal care, postnatal care, newborn care, growth monitoring, and management of childhood illnesses, as well as infection prevention and control and clinic management.

To further support service quality improvement, Hanan provided essential clinical medical equipment and supplies, clinic signage, health education material display cases and client suggestion boxes to clinics and hospitals. The USAID-funded Emergency Water and Sanitation Project and Emergency Jobs Program generously provided infrastructure improvements, whilst the USAID-funded Emergency Medical Assistance Program assisted the clinics and hospitals with pharmaceuticals and disposables.

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