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About Us

Mothers help children learn about the importance of infection control through simple handwashing, an overall part of Hanan's community-based work.

Children are taught the importance of hand washing before they all sit down to a healthy meal at a kindergarten in Rafah, Gaza.

Although access to health care in the West Bank and Gaza has improved overall in recent years, lack of security, worsening economic conditions, and limited health knowledge and practices in clinics and in homes remain significant barriers to better health for Palestinian women and children.

Between January 2005 and June 2008, with funding from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), JSI Research & Training Institute (JSI) and its partners American Near East Refugee Aid (ANERA) and Emerging Markets Group, Ltd. (EMG) carried out the Hanan Mother, Child Health & Nutrition Project.

The Project has successfully increased Palestinian women and children's health knowledge and practice with regard to anemia prevention and treatment, antenatal care, exclusive breastfeeding, and management of childhood illnesses, amongst other areas. An approach of carefully identifying communities' and women's priorities for their own and their children's health, and of working closely with leading Palestinian organizations, was critical to the Project's success. Learn more